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We’re in Mid-Season Hiatus

Hey there. If you’re reading this then you know I usually release episodes every two weeks on Fridays. Thanks for noticing! I will be back to that schedule again soon, after a brief mid-season hiatus!I’ll take a short break here to gather my thoughts, and given the current world climate, I think I need to. I hope you do too.

I am planning, though, to take on several more critical topics in season one connected in particular to media strategies and power. The fifth episode of this season will focus on the politics of language and dialect, and future episodes will explore modes of engagement in social media and the alienated personhood in the space of corporations and global capitalism.

While I’m on break, I hope you can find some time to connect here and through discord. I look forward to being back here again in a short while. Until then, I hope you’re safe and healthy, and I will talk to you soon!