News and Updates

Season 1 is underway

I’m well on my way to getting season one going; how exciting! By Friday expect to see the pilot episode both here and on anchor, and if not by Friday then within a short time you should see our podcast visible in your favorite/familiar podcasting platform. Anchor tells me it takes a couple of business days sometimes to show up for new/first episodes.

The first episode of this season will be an exploration of the concept of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) through the lens of representation. I’m beginning here, with cultural heritage, because this area is most closely related to my own research interests over the past few years. I’ve been interested in the gap between where culture is performed and where it is defined, and I think in our present world, media sits in the midst of that gap where it represents the primary mode of control over the articulation of “Culture,” broadly interpreted, and subsequently our (various communities’) connection to it. Whoever controls media is poised to control the apparent boundaries around what “Culture” is and how it is used to articulate identities and then inform social policies. The legacy of cultural heritage, then, becomes the byproduct of how its existence is imagined through media narratives.

A dive into this conversation and more will be part of the first podcast episode of this season. And if you’re interested in joining us on Patreon, you can be a part of the conversation there where you can subscribe to gain access to our discord community. Hope to meet you there!