Season 1 Episodes

Episode 3: Queering Subjectivities

Welcome to our third episode! This episode’s main focus continues the conversation of media narrative analysis from episode 2, focusing on the internal negotiation of subjectivity and the process of reading and engaging with subjects. Primarily I confront narrative simplifications. Narrative simplifications of subjects are the mediated frameworks that can enforce hegemonic, linear, and binary presumptions of existence as subjective points of reference. Queering subjectivities dismantles these presumptions. 

Also today, I highlight a band from Seattle, NAVVI, who released an EP and album this past August, and I briefly introduce #QueerCinemaForPalestine, the group spearheading the boycott of this year’s TLVFest. 

Sources and recommended readings


Today’s retrospect: “#QueerCinemaForPalestine” 

Queer Cinema for Palestine

“10 Queer Arab films to watch during pride month”

“The Palestinian Exception to Free Speech”

Today’s Highlight: “NAVVI from Seattle” 

NAVVI on bandcamp

NAVVI on Soundcloud

NAVVI on Twitter

Today’s main focus: “Queering Subjectivities”

Randall Amster. 2012. Anarchism Today

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